Training yourself like an animal

Let’s face it. Even on our best days, finding the motivation to workout can be hard sometimes. It’s so easy to skip just “one more day,” only workout when you feel good or push it aside for a trip to the store. Why is that? It’s because we have to train ourselves to workout. I was reading an article on how a trainer trains an animal and surprisingly, many similar things work for us! The three best ways to never miss a workout are as follows: 1. Visual Cue. 2. Action 3. Reward 

  1. Visual Cue: a trainer often raises his hand or gives an animal a visual cue to perform a trick or maneuver. Do the same. A visual cue could be your favorite leggings and shoes next to the door, or your gym bag in the front seat of your car. Something that will trigger your brain to “want” to workout.
  2. Action: perform the action! A visual cue only works if the animal performs the action. Same for you. Don’t let your visual cue go unanswered. Consistently go to the gym and it will reinforce the power of the cue in your mind. You’ll start feeling like you’re missing a part of your day if you don’t work out. 
  3. Lastly, reward yourself! I mean seriously girl! You worked out, that should be a big deal. An trainer gives his animal a doggie treat or “elephant treat” that’s a thing! You can probably give yourself something sweet, and tasty. Not something that ruins your workout but a small special something. Maybe a small candy or a healthy smoothie. Or maybe watch your favorite show after your workout. What ever it is reward yourself AFTER the workout. So are you ready to train yourself like animal? Go train yourself and unleash your inner beast! 


Written by : Joshua Finley