Hey girls! I just needed to let you all know, Being healthy is EASY!!! Okay, now that I have your attention, let me explain. So many times we girls get down because we see all these workout “gurus” or “Instagram coaches” and we think, we will never look them! It can be so discouraging! But what we have to realize is that those ladies are PAID to look that way. We don’t need to look like them,we aren’t paid athletes and models. We are moms, leaders, students and entrepreneurs. We don’t have the time to put into working out like they do. Working out becomes easy when we don’t have false expectations. When I realized this, I realized that I was doing great. I may not have a vivid 6 pack, but I did lose a few pounds this year. I may not have the “perfect” bum, but I could hike to see an amazing view without my legs cramping! That’s what matters. Follow these three steps to starting your workout. 1. Set aside sometime to workout(3 days a week for at least 20 minutes is a good start!). 2. Choose something you enjoy, dancing, tennis, walking, weightlifting, or swimming. 3. Be committed and have fun!  4. Track your progress, you’ll see a difference!


Written by : Joshua Finley